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We live in a digital age + if Covid-19 has done anything, it has ensured that we keep those phones in our hands in order to connect with others.


But are we really connecting? Or are we just scrolling, liking, sharing our accolades + waiting for affirmations? I would argue, the latter - leaving many craving a space to ease their anxiety, moments of loneliness + reflection of ‘self-worth’.


Co-founded with London based Mark Janes - 2gTHr is a mobile app that provides individuals with a groundbreaking, interactive platform to make a direct impact in the lives of others through messages of hope, prayer, encouraging stories + actionable steps.

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In 2gTHr we are sharing stories from people around the world - focuisng on big or small ways to build connections, bond with one another and harness a feeling of belong. These stories are there to inspire, motivate and encourage others on their life path.
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